The purpose is to ping pong the responsibility for the massive cluster-fuck

It is fascinating to watch the Tory Party destroyed by the Frankenstein of its own creation. Meanwhile, the Amazon burns and no one is doing anything about it. I shouldn’t care about the Brexit fiasco - there are bigger things to worry about - but it has become an addiction. We are hooked by the dramatic twists and turns. Perhaps it is a side-show created on purpose to distract us from the impending end of Western civilisation.

I often feel the whole process is now a game show. The purpose is to ping pong the responsibility for the massive cluster-fuck to the opposing party. BJ lost the vote last night but perhaps that is part of the plan. He no longer has a working majority in the house of commons but perhaps this was orchestrated. If Corbyn takes over, he might be able to avoid a no-deal Brexit but the outcome of any Brexit is likely to be detrimental to whoever leads it. Maybe the Tories are playing a long game. Make it look like you’ve made an effort but secretly allow Corbyn into power. Corbyn will then be responsible for fixing your mess, which he won’t be able to do - no one can. Then, you return like the conquering heroes at the next election. No wonder Corbyn refuses to support a general election with the risk of no-deal.

The Tories are screwed - let’s face it. If they go ahead with a no-deal Brexit, then the pound’s value will drop further. The economy will landslide. Prices will rise. Unemployment will soar. If they cancel Brexit then they instantly become the traitors and a large portion of the electorate will hate them. Cameron tried to steal the fire of the gods and now his party is being pecked at by vultures for all eternity. OK, so maybe it isn’t that dramatic. After all, the Amazon is on fire.