The Sun warmed the earth; the Wind scattered his seed

I recall now the past, of life just begun,

When my faith and my plight lay with earth, Wind and Sun.

The Sun warmed the earth; the Wind scattered his seed,

In the shade of the wood, I found all I should need.

I seasoned myself to this familiar surround,

To the perennial wealth of my feet in good ground.

Here I aspired and nurtured good hope,

And planted it sure 'tween sapling and oak.

Then out of thin air, the Heavens parted trust,

The Sun burnt down the trees; the Wind scattered the dust.

My protectors blew and shone each his own way,

And each blamed the other for Providence's decay.

I floundered quite helpless in this quagmire of spite,

Aimlessly floated 'tween Breeze and the Light.

On the point of a triangle, one edge cut away,

Though loyal to both, both only to he,

So pointless and adrift, I set sail on the sea,

Loyal to no man, not even to me.